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Here’s Why Marketers Need to Double Down on Artificial Intelligence

February 01, 2018 By Barry Bright

Here’s Why Marketers Need to Double Down on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is gaining widespread traction in almost every industry. The ability of the intelligent hardware and software to replicate human behaviors such as self-learning and problem solving has made AI the current trending topic.

Moreover, 80% of the executives believe that AI is set to boost productivity, and by 2020 , the AI market will exceed more than $40 billion.

Similarly, marketers are also investing in AI and adopting machine learning to expedite their efforts and procure better results from their marketing campaigns .

According to a Forrester study, the number one priority of businesses is to implement AI to drive revenue production. The marketer can utilize AI to sift through the information provided by big data to find valuable insights about the consumers that will enable them to design perceptive marketing strategies. In addition, 86% of the retailers believe that AI will make their marketing efforts more efficient and effective.

Here is how artificial intelligence is transforming marketing and why marketers need to focus on it:

Personalized Interaction

Consumers today expect more personalized services and communications from the businesses. A Salesforce study surveyed 7000 customers and business buyers. Out of these, 52% of the consumers and 65% of the business buyers said that they are more likely to shift to another company if the business interactions are not personalized enough.

Customers portray their views about a brand on a variety of digital platforms like social media, blogs, customer reviews section, surveys, etc. Marketers can use AI to analyze and deduce customer sentiments instantaneously. They can use this crucial feedback to better pivot their communications across emails, social channels, and website.

Use AI to send personalized messages

A study by Demand Metric discovered that 80% of the marketers agree on the effectiveness of personalized content as opposed to generic content.

Instead of sending a blanket email to the entire customer list, AI-powered algorithms prompt the retailers to deliver a message to a consumer or prospect when it is most likely to make an impact. Predictive analytics by AI can help you curate highly personalized reengaging emails for abandoned carts or disengaged customers.

You can also optimize the emails

AI can also optimize the content of the email. Algorithms can follow a subscriber’s experience on your site as well as the email browsing data to comprehend all the user interactions with the website’s content. Consequently, it can create a highly contextual and personalized email for each subscriber.

Personalization can reduce website bounce rates

Furthermore, AI can enhance the user experience on your website and reduce bounce rates. By using intelligent algorithms to evaluate hundreds of metrics relevant to a user, like location, age, previous interactions, you can display more personalized offers and content on the homepage. You can also customize the push notifications for each visitor to optimize the conversion chances.

Smarter Advertisements

AI can allow the marketers to design ads that are more efficient. The AI tools can collect customer data from numerous online channels and supplement the customer profiles to include in-depth information. Subsequently, marketers can segment their audience according to their preferences, expectations and buying history, and target each module for a more impactful targeting campaign.

Moreover, AI technologies can even analyze the behavior of a user, using innovative algorithms, and enable real-time marketing campaign towards the visitor with the highest conversion probability.

The intelligent technology can also power your pay-per-click ad campaigns.

EMarketer reports that Google controls 40.7% of the American digital ads while Facebook comes second at 19.7%.

AI-powered systems can help discover more, relevant ad platforms to enhance targeting and gain an advantage over the competition. It can also enable you to improve your ad layout and wordings to optimize the impact.

In addition, AI can monitor the users to determine their presence in the digital space for more relevant and compelling ad placement.

Search Improvements

Google routinely optimizes its algorithms to provide better, more precise search results in response to user queries. In October 2015, Google stated that it was using RankBrain, AI software, to interpret the natural language processing (NLP) efficiently and deliver extremely relevant outcomes.

Come out on top of SERPS by identifying patterns

Marketers can employ AI to recognize customer search patterns and identify the areas they can improve to come out on the top of the SERPs consistently.

In addition to Google searches, the improved capacity of search engines can also help the website visitors find the right on-site products.

E-commerce giants, like Amazon, not only have amazing product recommendation services but smart search panels that can help users discover their desired products from an inventory of millions.

Better Customer Service

Consumers have always preferred businesses with top-notch customer services. AI can be very useful in providing exemplary services.

AI marketing can provide customer representatives with in-depth analysis of the customers. This allows the reps to understand the users’ grievances better and solve the issues more easily and quickly. In some instances, the AI software can tackle customer problems without any human intervention, such as chatbots.

Chatbots can improve the position of your sales people

Chatbots are gaining increasing popularities for e-commerce businesses. While it is still relatively uncommon amongst small business, large enterprises are providing personalized services to their online clients through smart bots.

Chatbots have access to millions of customer-related data points. They can identify the location, personal preference, buying history as well as predict repetitive patterns, immediate problems, and various other variables. This makes them more knowledgeable and in a better position to provide immaculate services as compared to a human rep.

Marketers can employ AI bots to expedite their content marketing efforts and serve as proactive, personal buyers for every online visitor. The bots should initiate the conversation to engage the users in addition to providing customer services. This will help businesses hone their customer relationship and improve every aspect of the sales cycle definition .

AI Will Shape the Marketing Industry

AI is set to shape the marketing industry to optimize its every facet, from lead generation, customer acquisition to retention. 

If implemented correctly, it will not only enhance the marketing model. It will also provide more time for the marketers to focus on critical decisions that require human input. They can delegate tasks to AI software and work on building more creative campaigns and deeper, more meaningful relationships with customers.

Alma Causey is a Freelance writer by day and sports fan by night. She writes about tech education and health related issues.

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