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How to Step Up Your Propane Marketing Game with Business Flyers

March 14, 2017 By Barry Bright

How to Step Up Your Propane Marketing Game with Business Flyers

Most people associate business flyers with a physical promotion. Business flyers are an artful design printed and handed out to random people on the streets or taped up around town.

Since marketing is largely digital in this modern era, do people still promote using flyers? Are flyers becoming a marketing tool of the past?

Flyers are still made and produced physically and digitally. The digital era has made flyers more accessible and easier to create. In fact, you might use different types of flyers to meet your marketing goal.

Business flyers are great promotional tools if you have a propane business. Here are ways to increase your propane marketing campaign with business flyers

Use Great Design Tools

Gone are the days of hiring a designer to create flyers. Also gone are the days of copying and printing by hand.

These days, you can create a flyer using pre-set designs (some are free!) and print them in bulk so you avoid the copying process.

While a professional design has a powerful impact, you can use good tools yourself. If you have an artistic background, Adobe has great tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator to assist with creating beautiful flyers.

If you have minimal artist skills, you can still use Adobe products to create business flyers.

Use Both Digital and Physical Flyers

Even in this digital age, people appreciate physical things. Printing physical flyers allow your consumer to give their full attention to the flyer that's in their hand, so they're more likely to read the promotion and appreciate the artwork.

While physical flyers offer sentimental impact, they're not as accessible as digital flyers. You can use digital flyers in email campaigns, on social media, and to send them directly to customers.

Don't Forget about Advertisements

Digital flyers can be distributed for free using email and social media. But flyers also work great for PPC campaigns and other advertising needs.

Advertising is still an essential part of putting your brand out there. So start using your flyers for advertising purposes.

You can promote your business flyers on other websites, on social media, and on Google. You can even advertise physically, in magazines and newspapers.

Create Great Content

An effective flyer is dependent on great content. And this goes beyond the design of the flyer. Great writing, impactful language, and a strong CTA are also necessary when designing a flyer.

This is especially important for the propane industry; customers and mergers are looking for a sleek and professional look while using great writing to convey the brand.

Start Using Business Flyers to Promote Your Propane Business

Flyers will always be an effective tool when marketing your brand. This is especially important for propane businesses, that require the professional tools needed to market the brand.

You can use flyers on a digital medium and hand them out the good old-fashioned way.

You can use flyers for organic and inorganic advertising. It's always best to use a professional designer to create a flyer, but enough tools exist for anyone to create a beautiful flyer.

Need more assistance with marketing your propane business? We can help you with all of your marketing needs.


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