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May 16, 2014 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

How to use LinkedIn Showcase Pages

High-search visibility and more than 200 million registered LinkedIn users make your company page more than just another social media account, it is an excellent informational supplement to your website.

Showcase Pages help make your LinkedIn presence a more relevant web resource by giving you a dedicated space to highlight a specific product, brand, or initiative to your audience.

Showcase Pages are like a child page on your website…with a social agenda

What differentiates Showcase Pages from the (recently discontinued) Products & Services section, is that the “real meat” of the page is built from your updates.

Update-centric content means you can deliver topic-specific information that is better segmented to your target audience’s needs while building social relationships and establishing
social authority.

Social Media Examiner article provides a good technical overview on the basics of building your LinkedIn Showcase page.

This post offers strategies for how you can make it work
for your business

Choose which pages to create carefully

Select Showcase Pages that are going to provide a good overview of what your company offers – not necessarily for every specific product & service you list on your site. (LinkedIn limits you to 10 anyway)

Remember, you will have to curate content and build a following for each Showcase Page you create. So start with 1-2 Showcase Page that focuses on your strongest initiatives or largest target audience.

Decide what types of content to share,
then schedule posts

Create a narrative that highlights your expertise by sharing content that effectively conveys what the Showcase Page is about.

The majority of your Showcase Page will be comprised of updates, so set a foundation by scheduling 5-10 posts (using Hootsuite or another social update tool) that provide a good overview of what your page is about.

Choose a variety of content such as videos, blog posts, and case studies that will engage your target market, deliver new insights, and answer their questions. Remember to include a mixture of your original content and content from industry experts.

Your page will not be effective on its own - you need a content marketing strategy to consistently create and promote engaging content.

How often should you post? LinkedIn’s own research shows suggests at least 20x per month, or roughly one post per weekday. Avoid evenings, late afternoons, and weekends for maximum reach.

Measure your engagement with analytics

Dive deeper into the behaviors and habits of your target audience with your page’s analytics. Dedicated pages for your specific audience can help you improve your content marketing strategy on LinkedIn, your blog, and other social media sites as well.

Use analytics to identify times your audience is most engaged, types of posts that gain the post traffic, and how your audience grows over time.

Build your following and segment your audience

The bad news is your LinkedIn Company Page followers don't automatically transfer to your new Showcase page. The good news is you already have these followers on your LinkedIn company page and other social networks. Segment your email list and current LinkedIn followers and create an email marketing campaign or LinkedIn messaging campaign alerting them to your new page and asking them to follow!

Time is a constant battle for marketers. But, Showcase Pages aren’t just one more social outlet that sucks your time, they can actually help you be a better marketer. Segmenting your pages based on specific products or services means you will also segment your content better and deliver content your audience needs.

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