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Invest in an Infomercial for Your Propane Company

May 06, 2016 By Barry Bright

Invest in an Infomercial for Your Propane Company

Are you looking for an effective way to promote your propane company? Have you thought about investing in an infomercial?

With all of the hype around social media and digital marketing, you might think infomercials are long dead. In reality, infomercials still have benefits for your company. Keep reading to learn about the different types of infomercial production and how you can benefit from including them in your marketing strategy.

Types of Infomercials to Invest In

While inbound and digital marketing are essential for any business, your propane company can still benefit from an old-fashioned infomercial. According to TVA Media Group, an infomercial is a type of commercial that looks similar to a talk show or news program.

The purpose of an infomercial is to inform a viewer about a product or service and drive them to purchase it. Infomercial marketing can also be used to drive leads to your propane company.

News-Style Production

Some infomercials combine elements of a documentary with the objectives of a commercial. This long-form infomercial typically sells a product or service in an informative way. The format relies on soft selling rather than the typical hard selling found in most infomercials.

Long-Form Infomercials

Strong storylines and high production are what make long-form commercials successful. With a polished finish, this type of production can convince a skeptical audience.

Soft-Sell Approach

You might turn your nose up at infomercials initially because you're used to the hard-sell approach. Formulaic speech and heavy use of testimonials is the old way of doing informercials, and they won't help your propane company convert more customers.

Instead look for a company that takes a soft-sell approach. These companies will make an infomercial that truly educates viewers and offers value.


5 Ways Infomercials Will Help Your Propane Company

Now that you know what to look for in an infomercial production, let's go over why you want to include infomercials in your marketing strategy. Here are 5 benefits of using infomercials to promote your propane company.

Targeted Audience

TV and radio stations have specific data on audience demographics, which means they can broadcast your infomercial directly to your ideal customer you're hoping to reach.

The television station you go with will work with you to help you understand which time slots will be best to reach your demographic. Then, you can agree on a package that airs your show at that time when your target audience is likely to see it.

You may also be able to work with cable companies to decide which channels air your infomercials. That way, your commercial will be seen by people who are already interested in buying propane or have a need for it.

The Opportunity to Sell Directly

Infomercials can help your propane company increase sales because you can sell your product directly to consumers. If your goal is to get customers to call now to learn more, you might opt for a 30-, 60- or 120-second traditional commercial instead. Cable networks will typically sell shorter commercial spots for a lower cost.

If your propane sells well, you may even get an offer from a direct TV production company to exchange the cost of producing for a portion of your revenues. You'll be able to easily measure your ROI by tracking how many customers call the toll-free number listed.

Generate Leads

Your company can use infomercials to generate more prospects that are potentially interested in their product. When people see your infomercial, they may be intrigued to visit your store or learn more about your product.

Infomercials allow you to reach a different audience than you would with social media. They can generate interest from people you otherwise would not have been able to reach. This is why even e-commerce stores are investing in infomercial production.

Brand Awareness

Much like regular advertising and social media marketing, infomercials can help raise awareness for your company's brand. A well-developed infomercial that aligns with your brand design and message can help establish brand identity for your propane company.

Budget Friendly

Perhaps you've steered away from television because you immediately think it will be too expensive. The truth is that infomercials don't have to be costly. Determine your budget beforehand and adjust your strategy based on what you have available.

It is hard to estimate production costs because prices typically differ depending on the needs of your company. The production company will give you an estimate after creating the blueprint for your project. You'll be able to approve of this budget before production goes forward.

What Makes a Good Infomercial

With the likeliness of increased sales and more leads, the benefits of infomercials can help skyrocket your company.

If you're ready to get in on these benefits and start dreaming up your infomercial, here's a crash course on how to make it effective. A poor-quality infomercial can have detrimental effects on your brand, so invest in a good company and know what to look for.


Your infomercial should demonstrate how to use your propane tank. Be as thorough as possible and include safety tips. The viewer should have a good idea of how to use it themselves after watching the infomercial.


Educate your viewers on the purpose of your product. Show them why they need a propane tank and why they need yours specifically. Allow them the opportunity to make an educated and informed buying decision.


To be effective, your infomercial should be about 30 minutes. This should be enough time to thoroughly educate your viewers.

In that time frame, be sure to capture your viewers' attention with valuable information. Demonstrate the benefits and features of your product and acknowledge any concerns that may hold them back from buying.

Time for the Big Screen

Infomercials can be an incredibly effective marketing technique. By reaching a targeted audience, generating leads and increasing brand awareness, infomercials have too many good benefits not to invest in them. Many companies have success stories with infomercials -- let your propane company be the next.

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