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Local Landing Pages Will Generate More Revenue for Your Propane Company

August 18, 2017 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Local Landing Pages Will Generate More Revenue for Your Propane Company

Let’s face it, small to medium sized propane companies depend on local customers to survive: your trucks only drive so far. And you don’t have hundreds of locations to cover the country like big-name companies.

Since you depend on local customers, showing up in local Google searches is important.

It's discouraging when you search for “propane delivery in 'your town'” and your business isn’t on the first page of results.

Being found online is critical for your local propane company

Word of mouth alone isn’t enough to keep your propane business growing. You need to show up in local search results to continually grow your propane company.

Showing up first requires a marketing investment.

Your marketing investment doesn’t have to be as big as the “big-tank” companies to produce results. There is one lower-cost tactic we always recommend to local-based propane companies looking to rise to the top of local search results:

Local Landing Pages.

What Are Local Landing Pages?

A local landing page is a unique page on your website describing your services for a specific city/area that you serve.

For example, if you serve the mile high city, you could have a page that is titled:

“Propane Delivery Company in Denver”

Local landing pages are a way for single-location service area businesses to show up in search for a range of cities.

It’s a good idea to create several local pages, one for each of the main cities or counties you are targeting. You don’t have to have an office in this town; it’s just a way of showing you serve a wider area than where your trucks are parked.

Over time, these local pages will help you show up at the top of local Google Search results when someone searches for propane services in their area.


How local landing pages will help your propane company

Beat Out Big Competition in Search Results

People like local companies. Yes, they know about the national chains. But they value the hometown heroes who can deliver better quality service.

As one of these hometown heroes, your job is to rank first in local search results.

Ranking locally can be difficult for a propane delivery company without local landing pages. Nevermind competing with your local competition in your hometown or state, you also have to compete with big-name national companies who have:

  • Websites that rank for valuable propane-related search terms
  • Offices for satellite locations that give them a search advantage
  • Bigger marketing budgets & more resources

Local landing pages are a relatively low-cost solution that can help you compete with these companies and win in search. By creating local landing pages, you tell search engines, “we service these cities!” Search engines will respond by boosting your site higher in results.

Showing up higher in search results means more traffic.

And more traffic will lead to more sales calls that you wouldn’t have had when the propane titans crowded the top search results. In the end, local landing pages will help increase your bottom-line.

Show Up in Proximity-Based Search Results Beyond Your Office Location

I’m sure you’ve seen the request from Google to “use your current location”. People want to search for products and services near them.

So, Google and other search engines want to give preference to search results based on physical proximity.

This poses a challenge for single location businesses that serve a wider service area.

Proximity-based search means you will only show up on the map if you have a physical location in the area. And, to Google, an office means the place where you actually do business. Virtual offices don’t cut it.

While only an office will get you on the map, local landing pages help you show up in the top organic search results.

For example, this has 4 offices. But they are targeting over 20 cities in 3 different states through local landing pages. This ensures they show up in search results when people search for services in their area or “near me”.


This Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning company has over 20 local landing pages spanning their service area in 3 states. Local Landing Pages help them show up in targeted local searches.

Show You’re Trusted in the Community

Once people land on your page (because they found you in search), they’ll look for what differentiates you from the competition. A local landing page can help build their trust.

Use authentic messaging, news, reviews, and testimonials to show local support, or local authenticity. Local authenticity will easily win customers in the area.

You can show your local roots and reputation by:

  • Adding local customer testimonials
  • Linking to press releases related your services in that area
  • Including city-specific picture or facts

The more trust and credibility you curate on the page, the more reason prospects have for becoming your customers and paying for your business over anyone else.

Tips for Building Local Landing Pages

Local landing pages can become a cornerstone tactic of your local search strategy. Here are some tips and best practices to follow:

  • Content must be unique! By unique, we mean you can’t copy and paste content and replace the city name. Search engines penalize for duplicate content. It can be similar, but not the same.
  • Put keywords and city name in the headings
  • Include testimonials along with the person’s city
  • Include contact information. If you can, list a local number with the right area code
  • Include a picture of the area
  • Add a call to action with a special offer (like a discount)

Local Pages Increase the Bottom-Line for Your Propane Company

As a small to medium sized propane company, it's important that you develop local pages for the places you want to pull business from most.

You're in a position to grow larger and expand your territory, and local pages are the perfect geographically targeted landing zone for the prospects that will help make that happen.

Your website will have a higher chance to gather more leads which you can nurture into paying customers. You can market to new territories you know will bring new business and, in the end, you’ll increase your bottom line.


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