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Local Lead Generation and Your Propane Business

July 20, 2017 By Barry Bright

Local Lead Generation and Your Propane Business

Winning new customers breathes life into a company. A company gets more recognition and sales all at once. What's not to love?

Local customers are the bread and butter of any propane company. Here are five ways a propane business can invest in affordable local lead generation. It all starts with a strong online presence.

Google Is the New Yellow Pages

Back in the day, folks would use the yellow pages to look up a business near them. Today, it's all about typing in a business or company and adding the tags "near me".

It's important to claim a business profile on Google, so customers who are local can easily see it. Having a strong online presence builds trust. It puts the company ahead of the competition who doesn't bother to initiate this important first step.

Local Lead Generation Online Narrows Down Prospects

Focusing on creating a narrow list of prospective customers creates callbacks. In traditional marketing, this involves mailing our flyers or postcards. In modern marketing, email lists are effective in building a new customer base.

Email lists:

  • Allow people to voluntarily sign up
  • Target people who already have an interest in the service or product
  • Can build a social media presence (more on that later)

This is known as marketing automation. Getting loyal followers starts by having them take an active part in a business, by showing an interest. This way a company doesn't waste time marketing to someone who isn't interested.

Social Media Connects More Than Friends

Back in the day, Facebook and Twitter connected friends and people who had lost touch. Today, they are instrumental in local lead generation. Social media has become a major form of marketing for any business out there.

Companies benefit from using social media to:

  • Present a human face of the company
  • Become more accessible to those interested
  • Offer a different form of communication that doesn't involve talking on the phone or making a physical visit

Online Marketing Can Help a Seasonal Business

Propane is sometimes viewed as a seasonal business. During the cooler months, folks will be looking to find deals on propane and where they can find the product that will best meet their needs.

Online marketing can be a helpful venue for offering deals and specials. This serves as a thank-you to loyal customers, or those who pay special attention to a company and follow them online. During a company's busy season, they can up the ante on marketing and maintain a quieter presence when they are not as busy.

Lead Generation Gained Through Blogging

Another form of local lead generation can be achieved through blogging. Companies can use SEO keywords with Geotags to help narrow down who searches for them. This can strengthen who is finding the blogs.

The process of blogging brings in viewers who are interested in a service. By including geotags, individuals who are looking for a particular service will be attracted simply by including the location.

Start Marketing Online

Find out how more viewers local to the area can find a business. Start observing best practices for a propane business and target those who are in need of what you are offering.

Contact us today and see how your propane business can grow through lead generation online. Let us help attract the local customers you are looking for.


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