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December 14, 2016 By Barry Bright

Make Bold Blog Content With These 5 Smart Tips

Many people struggle to get into the right mindset to write a business blog. Yet, they realize that producing content regularly will help to build their business. Changing your mindset to write a business blog like you were writing an informal essay may help you produce quality content pleasing to search engines and helpful to real people.

The Basics

Before we go into the process of choosing which kind of blog article you will write, it is important to consider some basics. Since people often read less than 20 percent of the content on the internet, it is important to start with a great headline offering a unique value proposition that will make people stop and read your content. Furthermore, it is essential that you divide the content up with subheadings, because just like with the college textbook that you glanced at minutes before an exam, people will scan your content.

Create an Expository Blog Post

It is essential to use the right style of blog to meet your purposes. The expository blog is a great way to prove that you are an industry thought leader because you take an idea, usually something in the news, and explain the issues to your readers and then add your opinion on the topic. This is a great way to encourage readers to your point of view.

Generate a Narrative Blog Post

A narrative blog tells a story complete with a beginning, middle, and end adding relevant details as it is told. Narrative blogs are an outstanding way to introduce customers to your company story. They are also useful for adding a personal touch to your company when you tell a funny story or share more details about key employees.

Make a Persuasive Blog Post

A persuasive blog is useful when you are trying to hard sell your customers on using your services or products. Generally, they should be the least used type of blog. Many bloggers say that they have the best results when their blog contains less than 20 percent of these types of business blogs. Make your blog posts grab their attention then hold it as you inform, and persuade them to use the product or service.

Construct Analytical Blogs Posts

In this type of blog, you are going to present a topic and then present evidence to support your ideas. Usually, you will be responding to a thought piece that someone else has written or a topic in the news. These blogs may also take a historical view helping your viewers understand how a topic has arrived at its current position.

Using these four types of blogs along with good blog writing techniques will help you grow the number of followers who read and share your content. In the end, you will experience a vast return-on-investment.

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