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January 09, 2013 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Microsites provide focus on client’s growing verticals

BroadPoint Technologies recently revamped their marketing strategy to serve the needs of their growing company. Their old site was becoming a bit dated and just didn’t suit the focus they wanted, so they returned to Bright Orange Thread for a re-do.

When we first designed a site for BroadPoint, all their services were umbrellaed under one site. As their business grew, it became clear that they needed to distinguish these industry verticals.

For the redesign, Bright Orange Thread carefully mapped out the information architecture to segment the existing site into three, well targeted microsites that focused on each vertical. We also gave the design a facelift with a responsive framework, a more modern design, and a logo refresh.

Information Architecture

Because the site organization was undergoing such a dramatic redevelopment, it was crucial to nail down the Information Architecture from the beginning. Working with BroadPoint, we dissected the content of the existing site to map architecture and content for their three verticals. Each microsite targets the industry specific needs of its respective audience. Now, customers in each vertical can easily discover BroadPoint’s services as they apply to them.

Updated Design & Modern Functionality

While the design is not a far departure from our original, subtle design changes like new icons and an updated logo, and functionality upgrades like a sleek navigation menu and lead capture forms, create a more polished, modern look and feel. Design is consistent across all sites, creating synergy and a clear branding connection.

SEO Optimization

Bright Orange Thread created a custom Landing Page template to help continue BroadPoint’s SEO efforts. Rather than coming back to Bright Orange Thread to create custom pages for a new Google AdWords campaign, BroadPoint can create a new landing page via the CMS. We also implemented meta add ons and code to be optimized for search engines.

BroadPoint’s new microsites target relevant information to the appropriate audience and demonstrate their commitment to serving their customer’s specific needs. Along with the refreshed face, responsive design, and updated functionality BroadPoint’s site an asset for customers and employees.

Key Features

  • 3 industry-specific microsites
  • Responsive design
  • Logo-refresh
  • Search engine optimized code
  • Lead capture

Visit BroadPoint's new site to see our redesign!

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