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Prepare for the Busy Propane Season with  Off-Season Offers

August 24, 2017 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Prepare for the Busy Propane Season with Off-Season Offers

People start using less propane when the temperature spikes in the late spring and summer. That means your revenue from your primary services (installations, refills) will probably slope downhill for those months.

Spring and summer are always a slow time for the propane industry.

But your bottom-line for the quarter doesn’t need to suffer just because you're filling more 20 lb grill tanks than 500-gallon tanks.

If you keep up on your marketing efforts, your business doesn’t need to slow down.

Imagine an off-season where you had:

  • A pipeline of new installs scheduled for June to September
  • Maintenance work all summer, so your trucks aren’t sitting idly
  • A steady stream of referrals that lead to new customers

You can make use of your open schedule in these slow months by promoting offers that encourage this kind of business. When customers take advantage of these offers, your business can keep the cash flowing while business is slow.


How off-season offers benefit your propane delivery company:

Generate revenue when business is slow

When business is slow, it’s unlikely customers will call for emergency deliveries or threaten to switch propane companies on you. Slow season means more downtime and less competitive pressure.

Take advantage of this lag.

It’s the perfect time to create offers to increase awareness about your tangential maintenance services. To increase urgency and peak customer interest, make sure the offers have:

  • Price-based incentives (this adds a competitive edge over third parties)
  • Limited time redeemability (this creates urgency since demand is low)

Prospective buyers may be enticed to sign on with you if you use the off-season for marketing efforts for offshoot services. Give them a reason to switch propane providers if they’re not already you're paying customer.

Off-season switching or new customer incentive can help you fill up your schedule with new clients for the busy season. You’ll generate more revenue in the busy season when the routine refills and maintenance start up again.

Propane gas marketing offers generate more revenue for your business

A locally operated propane delivery company offers a discounted customer sign up during the off-season.

Save your customers headaches by offering maintenance services

Show customers that they can come to you for more than just installs and propane refills.

It’s probably safe to say many customers put off or forget their routine propane tank maintenance throughout the year, as well as maintenance for their:

  • Water heaters
  • Furnaces
  • Fireplaces

Offer customers all of the preparatory maintenance services you provide, whether that’s checking their gas lines, appliances, or tanks. Any service that helps prep them for the heavy winter usage will make their lives easier.

Maintenance helps them mitigate future repair costs

Preventative maintenance services help build their loyalty to your company and help customers see you as more than just the propane delivery company: you become an expert one stop shop for propane products and services.

Segue services into customer reviews

And helping them lower their expenses by keeping their appliances running smoothly gives you a perfect segue into asking for customer reviews. Then your valiant efforts to appease customers will pay off when customers’ positive reviews are made visible under public directories and your Google Business Page.

Make referrals a part of your customer’s mindset

A referral campaign is another off-season marketing initiative that can drive business.

Word-of-mouth referrals can create steady streams of high-quality leads and new customers because they’re more or less closed by your existing customers. But you can’t expect referrals to roll in just because you offer great some services.

Instead, ask your customers for the referrals directly, and don’t forget the incentive.

You can make referral campaigns appealing by offering customers a gift card or credit to their propane account in exchange every new customer referred. Over the off-season referral campaigns can help you win steady flow of leads.

Leaving this campaign open can have benefits that trickle into the rest of the year. It can snowball and generate new customers (and more revenue) year round.Propane Gas Offers Bring In More Business

This promotion from a propane delivery company offers an incentive in exchange for customer referrals.

Grow your propane company by marketing around seasonal business

Planning your propane company’s marketing strategy around the seasons can help reel in new customers and generate more money.

You should make sure as a contract dependent service provider you use the off-season for offers that attract new business. That way you’ll have a full schedule of propane delivery services that generate more revenue than they would have without the payoff from your marketing efforts.

In the long-term, off-season offers can become your competitive edge, building customer loyalty and creating goodwill for your brand.


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