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May 23, 2008 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Private Equity Firm Builds a Strong Public Image with New Website

Business Challenge

Rockford Capital Group, a private equity firm, wanted a website that would convey its unique networking strengths and establish its credentials in the highly competitive Mid-Atlantic market. The firm’s two disparate audiences – investors and entrepreneurs – have very different priorities and communication needs.

The client asked Bright Orange Thread for a web solution that would:

  • Deliver information in a logical, accessible way
  • Showcase the firm’s successful ventures
  • Position Rockford as a major player in the region
  • Attract interest from investors and entrepreneurs alike
Bright Orange Thread Solution

In-depth interviews with management and competitive research gave BOT a grounding in Rockford’s business environment and audience priorities. Armed with that understanding, BOT created a site with:

  • Simple structure and navigation, so investors and business owners could quickly find relevant information
  • Intelligent design that allows busy executives to easily grasp key messages
  • Content highlighting Rockford’s business heritage and investment portfolio
  • A new company logo whose icon leverages the equity in Rockford’s name, and conveys stability and success.

BOT’s strategic website helped establish Rockford Capital Partners’ image and communicate the company’s competitive advantages to key audiences.

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