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June 08, 2012 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Site Launch: Black Pearl Financial

A polished new website for Black Pearl Financial

Black Pearl Financial–a data management software specialist and consulting firm for investment management and financial services–wanted a new website that was easy to update, possessed a sophisticated, modern design and generated more leads.

We tackled the first 2 site objectives by setting up a full-featured CMS for effortless content editing and created a design that echoes the glossy, polished look of Black Pearl’s software solutions.

To help boost Black Pearl’s conversion rates, we developed a distinct call-to-action with a large presence on their software solution pages. “The Next Steps” addition not only engages prospects but it also encourages interaction.

“They brought great value to us in 2 areas: first in marketing – we leveraged their expertise in positioning and delivery of a consistent message as we do not have that expertise on our team and second in site development – they were very knowledgeable about how users typically interact with sites, and offered tremendous guidance to us in this area.

We were so happy with them that we referenced them as a key partner on our site. I highly recommend them."

-Mark Hornbrook, Principal at Black Pearl Financial, Inc.

Website Features

  • “The Next Steps” call-to-action
  • News feature
  • Blog feature
  • Full-featured CMS

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