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September 22, 2016 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Technology Firms—Make Buyer Personas a Marketing Priority

Understanding your target audience is the first step in seeing marketing ROI

Naturally, when we put effort into anything, whether it’s through work, school, chores around the house, we want to see something in return.

Same goes for B2B marketers conducting buyer personas for your technology-focused firm. Are you in the business of improving technological issues for medical companies? Start conducting buyer personas and you’ll come across an abundance of applicable information for your marketing approach.

Reach Your IT Marketing Goals through Buyer Personas

Tangible Return on Investment

Implementing buyer personas properly will position your company on the right path to achieving desirable outcomes. We already discussed how we want to see results when we create objectives. Implementing buyer personas properly will position your company to maximize its marketing approach. Therefore the results you want will materialize into a return on investment.

Let’s talk about of email marketing. I know I know, they may seem like relentless hounding *I heard a ding on my phone, there’s another email* but they are necessary to achieving your business objectives. Email campaigns using personas garner 2x the open rate and 5x the click through rate.

Not convinced? Buyer personas make websites 2-5x more effective (read: more conversions, lower bounce rate). The proof is in the pudding. Buyer personas make your marketing more relevant and specific. This trickles down to real results and reach your ideal customers.

Increase Website Conversions Through Compelling Website Content

Remember this blog post is about why your software company or technology services firm should use buyer personas. We want visitors to see your content with the intention of getting involved with your business. Buyer personas contain broad based information and the homepage is where the content is introduced. There are number of ways to get your viewer sitting on the edge of their seat.

“Wait, what the heck does that word mean?!” Visitors that come across unfamiliar content on your site are probably not going to stay around long. They don’t communicate like you do, your “marketese” is taking over.

The content we deliver must speak to the customer using language they understand. Words or phrases that jump out to us on a consistent basis can and should be taken into account when mapping out possible content ideas. You and your customer must speak on the same level to ensure their user experience remains satisfactory.

Higher Quality Lead Generation

Inbound marketing is about retaining customers and generating new leads into customers. It is true that not all B2B marketers use buyer personas. However, it is wide belief that buyer personas are at the very core of successful marketing approaches to those that do use them. That information is a tremendous benefit to have when it’s time to produce attractive content for your prospects.

When incorporated properly, personas can position your company to satisfy the concerns of customers. Otherwise your website is heading towards no man’s land—the spam folder.

Not only are you solidifying the customers you want to attract, there are negative personas that come to fruition. Sidestepping these personas will give you more time to focus on those that want to engage with your company.

Ability to Identify and Resolve Pain Points

Satisfying customer concerns is the top priority for any B2B. If your business is not able to pinpoint and confront these problems, your clientele is going to dwindle and so will your business. Finding out why your customers are unhappy will generate a clearer vision of brand promotion and increase your credibility with your target audience.

Pain Point Example-Lack of Social Media Presence

  1. Optimize your company profile with an improved logo
  2. Customizing your content through outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  3. Share your content and become the leading source of information in your respected industry
  4. Publish on a consistent basis through blogs and social media outlets listed above.

This one illustration provides in depth analysis to one component of identifying a pain point and immediate steps to take to rectify the problem.

Buyer Personas are not vanity projects or time fillers

They should not be performed with indifference and be stored away with the intention to take up space. Personas must take precedence so your IT company can lay the groundwork for a formidable marketing strategy and cement its hold on current customers while enticing prospects.

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