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February 03, 2012 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Your website: Is it time for a redesign? Or will updates keep the leads coming?

Join us on Wed, February 22, 2012 @ 12:00 PM EST for the live Webinar event

We’ll be performing live reviews of real audience-submitted websites to help attendees decide between a full-scale redesign or smaller improvements for their business websites. Register and submit your site for review.

If there’s one thing we’re sure about as web designers, it’s that the Web changes quickly. The average life of a website is about 3 years, a shrinking number as users become more and more savvy at mining data from the web.

We even wrote a more in-depth explanation of why change is relentless with websites in a previous post.

Three years may seem like a very short shelf life for a website, especially in the eyes of small businesses with tight budgets. Even if a full-scale site redesign is not within your budget, it’s still important to make improvements to your web presence in any way possible.

Whether it’s refreshing your site’s visual design, switching to a more user-friendly page structure, or updating your site’s codebase for better SEO… Ongoing site improvements are the key to businesses staying ‘afloat’ in a growing sea of competition.

So if you're experiencing "growing pains" with your business website, join us Wed, February 22 and submit your website for review!

The live critiques will focus on the following:
  • Gauging ROI of a full-scale redesign vs. smaller improvements
  • Determining critical areas for increasing conversion
  • Identifying opportunities for increasing search engine visibility
  • Judging if the design is out of date

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