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February 23, 2011 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

What We Read #2: 7 Articles to Close the Gap Between Designer and Client

Ever wonder what's going on in your web designer's head? Here's your chance to find out.

Successful websites rely on the expertise of both designer and client. This post is the second of our What We Read series, which offers clients the option to gain some insight into our philosophy.

As devoted readers of Smashing Magazine, we've compiled a list of our favorite Smashing articles for your reading pleasure. As we see it, the more a client understands, the smoother the development process can be.

There's No Such Thing As a Bad Client

Writer Ken Reynolds' "glass-half-full" take on the client/designer relationship explains how even the toughest relationships can be resolved with clear communication and experience.

Though many designers may argue that there IS such a thing as a bad client, Reynolds provides insight into the frustrations of many designers, so clients can better anticipate a designer’s expectations before the development process begins.

Read There's No Such Thing As a Bad Client

10 Principles of Effective Web Design

Understanding a few basic principles about websites and how they are received will help you make more sophisticated design decisions right off the bat. This knowledge will save you time and energy further down the road.

Read 10 Principles of Effective Web Design

Non Profit Website Design: Examples and Best Practices

Creating a site for a non-profit organization? A basic understanding of website dos and don'ts may not be enough to generate the kind of leads you want. Smashing Magazine details site standards tailored specifically to non-profits. Read up on how to get more visitors to donate their time and money to your organization’s cause, and see those clicks convert to contributions.

Read Non Profit Website Design: Examples and Best Practices

Start Out Organized: Website Content Planning the Right Way

A proper website relies on all parties working in harmony and a basic understanding of what users want. To achieve these goals, you must start off on the right foot when planning the site content.

Often called Information Architecture (IA), this process can be completed using several strategies. Wemmer's article conveniently lists the pros and cons of each IA option, so you can better decide which strategy is right for you when creating compelling content.

Read Start Out Organized: Website Content Planning the Right Way

Principles of Minimalist Web Design

When envisioning how you want your site to look, keep Smashing Magazine's list of minimalist design principles in mind. Adopting the "less is more" approach will make things easier on yourself and the designer. Remember, you won't convert prospects into leads with confusing navigation or inept design.

Read Principles of Minimalist Web Design

10 SEO Tips to Remember When Building Your Site

Having compelling content and sensible design is virtually useless if search engines can't find it. Though semantic HTML can be difficult to understand and interpret, Mark Cronin's "10 SEO Tips to Remember..." definitely isn't. By familiarizing yourself with these simple tricks for boosting site traffic, you'll better understand the process well before your site goes live.

Read Principles of Minimalist Web Design

Corporate Blog Design: Trends and Examples

Considering a blog for your business? Snell takes you through the different purposes a corporate blog can serve, as well as the issues a company may face by incorporating one. Loaded with examples of successful blogging trends, Snell's article is a must-read for any potential blogger.

Read Corporate Blog Design: Trends and Examples

Familiarize yourself with this advice and more from Smashing Magazine. For more recommended readings, feel free to contact us!

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