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October 26, 2015 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Would You Give Up Your Email Address for Toffee Blondies?

Well, it’s not that simple. This is a story about double gated content, a story about a print publisher trying to increase the size of their email list.

It all began when I was skimming through my wife's Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I flipped to a page featuring Toffee Blondies. Yum! And since this is BHG, I expected to find the recipe on the page.


Instead of the recipe, there was a link to the recipe on the
Better Homes and Gardens website.

I love toffee, so I got on my computer and typed in the link, fully expecting to see a webpage with the recipe. The magazine page did say “Recipe: bhg.com/toffeeblondies”.

Not, again!

Instead of the recipe, I was presented with a form requesting my email address. Really? I just went to all the trouble of leaving the kitchen, getting on my computer, and typing in the link. At that point, I was totally frustrated and just did away with the whole idea.

Better Homes and Gardens Website

So no, I would not give up my email for Toffee Blondies. Why?

  • It should have been in the magazine to start with

  • The page implied it would be available on the website’s recipe database (if you do a search, it isn’t available)

As much as I love toffee, it is not worth a multi-step process that directs readers from a magazine page to a website without the featured recipe. Only to then realize I have to give BHG my email address.

How would you react after this experience? Tweet @hfrancke with your feedback.

FYI - Here is a good recipe for Toffee Blondies from Food Network.

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