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March 03, 2015 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Your Homepage Only Has 5 Seconds

Users have ADHD: Attention Deficit HOMEPAGE Disorder.

If your homepage doesn't let people know that they came to a site with answers to their questions, they're exiting fast because there are plenty of other sites with answers.

Find out if your homepage states your relevance.

Old sites say too much


Older homepages out there try to beat you over the head with every service they offer.

Hot new sites don't say enough


The latest trend is a vague headline pondering life's big questions with an awesomely sleek background and almost nothing else on the page.

The ideal homepage lies somewhere in between these two extremes. Here are 3 tips to effectively show your relevance:

Clearly State What You Do

The most effective way to let people know what you do is to clearly state it. A short concise statement about the problems you solve will let any average Joe prospect know whether you can help them or not.

Feature a Range of Services

Prospects can infer the full scope of what you do from a wide variety of different services.

You can achieve this by using lists, multiple headings or a picture of the product range. Be sure to include your highest revenue generating services.

Show Users Where to Flipping Look!

Users tend to browse pages in an F-shaped pattern, focusing most attention to the upper left part of the page, then scanning down the left margin with occasional horizontal skimming.

Your design should tell users where to look first. A good way to do this is with a larger type size surrounded by a pleasing amount of space to set it apart from other messages.

Is your homepage clear enough?

Take the 5 Second Test!

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