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Your Sales Team Needs a Marketing Budget

December 23, 2016 By Barry Bright

Your Sales Team Needs a Marketing Budget

Your sales team used to thrive on driving the sales process. Your salesperson had the intel that prospects needed. Sales called, prospects listened, and your revenue increased with each closed deal.

Today, B2B sales teams in every industry have hit a snag. Sales calls are going unanswered. Buyers can ignore the sales pitch. The information they seek is available online when they need it, not only when a salesperson calls.

The internet has fundamentally changed the sales process

Today’s salesperson is now confronting an educated consumer that has researched their products before connecting.

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When prospects speak with sales, their questions are more specific. Their expectations are higher than before.

For this reason, your sales team needs a marketing budget.

How a marketing budget will support your sales team

Give Sales More Educated, Qualified Leads

Truth be told, your sales team wants an educated buyer.

Educated buyers allow sales teams to close leads faster and more often. Educated buyers shorten the sales cycle because they meet your sales team at a later stage in the buyer’s journey.

However, this means a change for your sales team.

A canned sales pitch won’t work. The prospect already has ideas for a solution customized to their problems. They’ve read about it extensively. They want the next step.

A canned sales pitch will be out of sync with where the buyer is in their sales journey. Instead, your sales team needs to find out where the buyer is and try to understand the challenges they are facing. What solution does their research say they should pursue?

The sales team must be able to consult on the solution. They need to customize their sales process to the individual buyer. The sales team needs to do more research on the prospect. They need to come prepared with resources, information, and assessments. They need backup.

Customize the Sales Experience With Buyer-Specific Info

By the time your qualified prospect reaches your sales team, they’ve consumed a ton of material that has answered the more generic questions your sales pitch answers. As we said before, your prospect has more specific questions and higher expectations.

Your sales team can anticipate the prospect's and get in front of these questions by looking at their marketing history (which whitepapers they downloaded, which web pages they looked at, how long they’ve been in the sales funnel).

This information tells the story of their concerns, how urgent their needs are, maybe even how their needs have changed.

With this information at their fingertips, your salesperson can offer expertise and solutions connect with the buyer’s specific pain points. This customer-specific sales plan enables you to form a stronger connection. The customer will feel like you understand them from day one.

Aligning Sales and Marketing

Businesses need to understand and encourage the increasing role of marketing in the sales process.

Marketing not only needs the budget to deliver, it also needs the cultural support within the organization. As prospects continue to rely less on sales to inform their decisions, marketing’s role will become more important.

Equipping your marketing team with the budget needed to create information to attract prospects will not only help sales, it will help your organization grow.

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