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5 Email Examples to Inspire Your Marketing Campaigns

October 03, 2017 By Barry Bright

5 Email Examples to Inspire Your Marketing Campaigns

Most marketers want to keep customers engaged and interested using email. Email is such a focus that 58% of marketers said it was their number one goal in a recent survey.

Obviously, maintaining good customer relationships through email is important. And even more importantly, you need to keep your email campaigns fresh to hold your reader’s attention.

That’s where Campaign Monitor’s Top 100 Email Marketing Campaigns will be super handy. Here you’ll find 100 of the best emails from a variety of business types and sizes.

Let’s take a look at five email examples that will provide some inspiration for future emails and learn some essential tips as to what makes them o good.

Offer Emails

Offer emails (sometimes called promotional emails) are well-loved by marketers and their customers. In fact, 61% of consumers like to receive weekly promotional emails, and some would like emails even more often, according to Capterra. What’s more, 72% are more inclined to open an email that has a discount.

Take a look at this awesome example from FxFactory. They offered a discount on their Spectrum product and shared the offer with their audience in a compelling way.

The email has a bold image that looks much like a gift card– it immediately captures the attention of the subscriber. They also use creative call-to-action buttons which give subscribers options to choose the avenue they want to explore.

Offer Email Marketing


Newsletters are the workhorses of many email marketing programs. Case and point, 83% of B2B marketers use email newsletters for content marketing, according to Content Marketing Institute.

For example, large enterprises like Hewlett Packard send out newsletters as a way of keeping their customers and partners up to date on what’s happening in the field.

Hewlett Packard uses their email newsletter to share insights on relevant events, news, and innovations. This format is a good way to keep in touch with customers and keep them engaged.

Newsletter Email Marketing

Announcement Emails

Emails announcing a new product or service are indispensable for getting the message out to customers. The purpose of these emails is to share important news and drive readers to want to find out more. So they should contain just what’s needed to get the information across, but shouldn’t be cluttered with anything outside of what’s being announced.

Once again, bold images are an important part of this type of email. But equally important is the compelling text of the email, detailing what’s new and exciting in the product, and keeping the reader’s attention.

For example, Freshbooks did a nice job of announcing their new time tracking app in the following email. Not only do they announce the feature with a fun, custom image, but they also add a reminder that the support team is available should the customer have any questions.

Announcement Email Marketing

Event Invitation Emails

Many businesses hold events– they host open houses during the holidays, educational conferences, as well as fundraisers. Email is a good way fulfill attendance goals, reach a bigger group of people, and to track who’s coming to the event.

The basic goal of an email invitation is to get people to sign up or RSVP to the event, so make sure you use a clear call to action (CTA). Including a CTA in your email can help encourage subscribers to click to your website to make a purchase– emails with a call-to-action increased clicks 371% and sales 1617%.

For example, SXSW Interactive has made it simple to sign up for their event. They include a big, yellow register button at the top of the email and at the bottom. Plus they have eye-catching images in conjunction with their compelling copy.

Event Email Marketing

Automated Emails

Every email example above can be sent with little effort using email automation. Some of them will work better if they’re sent out in a timely fashion, rather than waiting for someone to push send.

Using automation, other emails, such as a welcome email or a survey email, can then be added to your marketing strategy without adding significant time commitments. The key to making it work is to understand your customer and send emails with information that they need and want.

Before you send any of these emails to your entire mailing list, be sure to think through who really needs to see the type of email you’re sending. Does everyone on your list need to receive the announcement email you’ve just created? Or will just a segment of your list be better served with that information?

Engage Existing Customers With Email Marketing

There are so many email options a marketer could use to keep in touch with their customers. To make sure yours are also interested and engaged in your business keep the tips covered in this post in mind. Be sure to use:

  • Bold images
  • Enjoyable and creative content
  • Relevant Information
  • Clear call to action
  • Compelling text

Incorporate one, or more, of these email marketing campaign ideas into the marketing that you’re already doing. See how a fresh view can take your business to a new level.

For more great ideas and inspiration, check out the Top 100 Email Marketing campaigns.

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