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5 Reasons Propane Company Owners Are Wrong About Blogging

December 15, 2017 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

5 Reasons Propane Company Owners Are Wrong About Blogging

Many propane companies don’t blog on their websites. We have learned that one reason is many propane company owners just don’t think blogging is worth their time and energy.

So I want to demonstrate that blogging is an untapped opportunity for small to medium-sized propane companies looking to grow their business.

  • Those who blog: Pull in more website visits from prospects, which gives them an opportunity to turn more prospects into leads, then customers.
  • Those who don’t blog: Aren’t easily found in search engines, receive fewer website visits, and miss out on potential customers searching the web for their services.

The point is, blogging is not a trend and not a waste of time. Blogging is a credible marketing tactic that produces real results.

Here are 5 ways blogging can boost business for your propane company:

Establishes you as an expert

Homeowners looking to hire you as their propane provider want assurance you know what you’re doing.

Deliver the expertise they’re looking for—NOT by cluttering your web pages with more information—but by blogging about what you know. Blog posts serve as a channel for you to share information on your:

  • Expert knowledge about propane
  • Propane services you provide
  • The propane industry as a whole

Establishing yourself as a propane expert will make your company look more appealing to prospects and distinguish you from your competitors.

Not only does a blog position you as an expert, it helps you build trust with prospects through credibility.

Trust brings prospects one step closer to becoming your customer. You can grow that trust by sharing blogs in emails to prospects, and even new customers. You’d be surprised how many compliments new customers will give you if your content is helpful.

Helps prospects find you via online search

Search engines will recognize you as a subject matter expert if you deliver helpful blog posts to your prospects consistently. If Google decides your helpful blog posts make you a propane authority, Google will rank your propane posts higher in search results and prospects will find you faster.

Besides writing prospect-pleasing content, you can convince search engines to lead prospects to you with a few technical tricks. One is using keywords in your blog posts.

When prospects search Google for propane services, they likely search similar keywords—there’s only so many ways you can search for “propane services”.

Use these propane-related keywords in your blog posts. It will give Google a reason to match your blog post with your prospects’ search by boosting your rankings!

You can get an idea of what keywords to use in Google’s “Searches related to...” section at the bottom of the page:

Gives you more opportunities to turn prospects into leads

Blogging helps drive more traffic to your website. So convert that traffic into leads.

Interrupt or end your blog posts with a Call to Action, a visually appealing link, button or image that leads to an offer.

You can capture a prospect’s information by leading them to a web page with a form to “Request”, “Download”, or “Sign up” for the offer.

Whether it’s an offer designed to rake in customers in the busy season or engage them in the slow season, blog posts can be used to turn those curious prospects into leads in your sales pipeline.

Supports your sales process

You're on the phone with a prospect. They have questions, you give them answers, but they're not ready to decide. Usually, you just wait for the right time to call them back.

In the meantime, be helpful. Blogging gives you more resources to share with a prospect.

Send them a follow-up email that links to a blog post relating to their concerns from your call. They’re more likely to buy from someone who offers them helpful information.

The email is an extra touch point demonstrating the quality of your company. Better than idly waiting for the right time to call back, huh?

Increases visits to your other web pages

Use your blog to link to other places on your website too. When you have a relevant webpage that expands on a point you made in your blog post, link to it. (That is what the web is all about, linking info).

This way prospects learn more about issues that concern them, and search engines better understand what you do.

A blog post can serve as a gateway to your:

  • Other blog posts
  • Services page
  • About page
  • Contact page

Make sure the pages you link to (such as an About Page) are well-written and help establish trust and credibility with prospects. You don’t want to win a prospect over in a blog post and lose them because you linked to a “work-in-progress” page.

Tips for Successful Blogging

The 5 benefits of blogging we covered above won’t happen if you don’t understand what a successful blog needs.

A blog won’t show results overnight. Just like building a customer base, building a successful blog takes a consistent investment. Here are some tips to follow if you want your blog to add value to your marketing efforts:

  • Blog consistently - Consistency is important because it ties into the promise of your brand. Consistent blogging builds loyalty with your audience.
  • Publish quality over quantity - Informative, well-written, and well-formatted blog posts will be more helpful and enjoyable for prospects to read. Quality builds trust in your relationship with your prospects.
  • Promote your blog on social media - Social media promotion spreads the digital word about your helpful content! Promoting your content will gradually build an audience.
  • Optimize for search engines - Once you’re more comfortable with blogging, you can learn the technical side of getting found online. Prospects will find your blog posts easier when you follow the technical marketing tactics that make your content appealing to Google.

Blogging pulls in more business for your propane company

I bet blogging doesn’t seem like such a silly practice now, right? Blogging increases your company’s chances of being discovered in search engines. It provides information your prospects want to buy from you with confidence.

Blogging is a way to establish your company online. Before, your website might only serve as a brochure—a few pictures and contact information. Through blogging, you can start building an online following of prospects searching for your services (and turn those anonymous visitors into leads).

Ultimately, the trust and brand credibility your company can build with blogging will lay the foundation for your online marketing strategy.

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