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July 30, 2015 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

Your Homepage Must Look Current

What it means to look "current" on the web is constantly changing.

A homepage that looked sleek and modern 5 years ago, now looks completely out-of-date:

Today, stock photos, Times New Roman font and dated layouts are a major turn-off and make a bad first impression on users.

Find out what people are saying about your site.

A current design will reaffirm your credibility and make users want to keep reading.

Your users have taste. They visit dozens of websites a day and know the difference between a current design and a dated one.

Keep a pulse on the newest design trends and use them on your site where it's appropriate. There's nothing worse than a site using every modern design trend in the wrong way.

All of a sudden your bounce rate's doubled and the Marketing VP's scratching their head wondering what went wrong.

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Is your website current?

Find out what real users think!

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