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June 01, 2016 By Hendrik-Jan Francke

How to Use Your Website for B2B Lead Generation

For a significant number of businesses, the main purpose of a website is B2B lead generation. A website is performing well if it brings customers into your business and poorly if it does not. Since lead generation is the most important issue for your business website, what does it take to create a great system to funnel leads into your sales pipeline?

The following techniques and tools to manage them demonstrate how to streamline the lead generation process and funnel leads through your website.

These 5 Website Features Can Boost Website Lead Generation

Include Contact Info In the Header

Customers need to know how to contact you. Unless you are Amazon and only use email to communicate, your business phone number needs to be on the header of every page as well as your email address. You want prospects to call or email you, let them know how.


The Intacct website puts a contact button AND a phone number in the header of their website. This is often the first place people look for contact info. Good Move!

Use Pop-Ups To Capture More Leads

BrightInfo and SumoMe are both tools that we talk about in other posts. They are designed to manage the pop-ups that collect leads from your website content, as well as direct people to more information.

Not a fan of pop ups? Try "polite pop-ups": Pop-ups don't have to be annoying! Polite pop-ups that appear on exit, or after a few page views are far less annoying. These are effective because people are already engaged with your content.

Create Relevant Content Offers Prospects Want

Users won't convert on your website if there is no content there for them! Entice them with content that answer your prospect's questions. Deliver your expertise through whitepapers, ebooks, demonstrations, etc.

You want to have different content for different stages in the sales cycle, from the free content offers to more interactive demonstrations and trials. Your most basic content offer will require nothing but email address. At any given time you need to have at least 3-5 content offers available.

Create Landing Pages for Single Offers

When you have great content to share, you don't have to give it away for free. Create a landing page promoting your content. Ask users to give you a little bit of information (their name, email, and company) and then give them the content!

They get great content and more knowledge, and you get a lead!

Incorporate CTAs on Blog Posts and Other Pages

Your attractive CTAs need to be appended to the bottom of any relevant blog posts. Any blog reader who reads to the bottom is already invested in your product, company and thoughts, give them the next step. CTAs should be well designed, include the name, the cost, and maybe even an image of the content that customers will be getting.


CTA Design - CTAs should be both attractive and clear in their design. As we discuss here, confusing CTAs cause you to lose customers through giving them information they did not want or do not know they are getting. If you offer a CTA that is not directly related to the lead magnet you use, clearly mark that it is different and separate it from the previous content through text boxes, lines, or changes in color.

Try Intelligent Content Recommendations To Increase Engagement

The right content is not only relevant, it is delivered at the right time and place to logically and organically fill a customer's needs. The many marketing tools available to businesses (pop-ups, landing pages, CTAs, etc.) all serve to deliver content in such a way as to fill both customer's actual and felt needs. A useful tool for understanding the needs of your customers is a keyword planning tool, like Google Keyword Planner. While this tool is designed for managing a SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign, it shows you how many searches are made for a term related to your business. It also gives you related content search terms to create more tailored content.

How to Manage the Leads that Come In

Communicate With Your Sales Team to Discuss Quality

In order to review the quality of your lead generation, you need to check in with your sales team to assess the quality of website leads. Are the prospect your sales team talks to qualified? Do they understand your product/service and how it would meet their need before they talk to the sales team? With good inbound marketing, sales teams are the final act in a relationship that has been built for some time.

Install Google Analytics and Lead Tracking On Your Site

Google Analytics Goals is one of the best tools designed specifically for lead tracking on your website, and we discuss more on it here. Goals not only tracks typical metrics like visitors to your page and the location they came from, but also the actions prospects take on your website. Goals tracks what links and forms customers interact with so that you understand how well your marketing is working.

Incorporate Your CRM on Your Website

You don't want to manually move leads from your website into your system. Make it happen automatically by incorporating your CRM into your website forms. CRMs and marketing automation tools like HubSpot, provide the tools to manage the entire customer relationship cycle. A good CRM provides email marketing, landing page design, customer tracking, CTA form builders and the other tools in this list through one platform.

These Elements will Strengthen Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing is an extremely effective and affordable B2B lead generation strategy. A website drives leads to your business as a part of an overall inbound marketing campaign. An inbound campaign creates content with specific CTAs in other locations where potential customers may be. This includes relevant social media sites (LinkedIn and others depending upon industry), trade magazines, and other online publishing platforms. The CRM Hubspot is designed to specifically manage inbound marketing campaigns.

With the right content, the right strategy, and the right tools to analyze and deliver it to your leads, your website will become a streamlined lead generation tool.

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