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5 Blogging Best Practices to Rank High in Search Engines

You won’t convert any visitors if they can’t find your blog in search results, so... Rank on the first page. You can be found on page 1, 10,…

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Blogging Best Practices: Calls to Action that Convert

You want more than high traffic on your website, you want conversions. Placing offers on your pages and posts helps you guide visitors through their buyer’s journey. …

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How to Step Up Your Propane Marketing Game with Business Flyers

Most people associate business flyers with a physical promotion. Business flyers are an artful design printed and handed out to random people on the streets or taped up around town. …

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Leads are for Closers

How Marketing & Sales Teams can Work Together to Close Leads

"These are the new leads. You don't get them. Leads are for closers." In the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, the leads are gold. They are qualified leads. The job…

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4 Marketing Activities to Outsource and Why

Marketing Teams Work Many Roles Strategic Thinker. Communicator. Writer. Website manager. SEO expert. Designer.

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Why Your Sales Team Needs
a Marketing Budget

Your sales team used to thrive on driving the sales process. Your salesperson had the intel that prospects needed. Sales called, prospects listened, and your revenue increased with each closed…

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How a Marketing Agency Can Improve Your Marketing ROI

Marketing’s role in business is becoming increasingly important because the sales process has changed. But for many businesses, it’s hard to see the ROI that the…

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Caller ID Has Changed Sales

You Can't Close a Lead You Can't Reach Sales used to focus on “Dialing for Dollars.” This mantra meant sales was just a numbers game. The…

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Content Marketing 101:

Offers: The Next Step in Content Marketing

What Gated Content Is and Why You Need It Without offers, you are not content marketing; you’re just producing content. Great content will get your brand out there.…

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Content Marketing 101

Video: The New King of Content

They say that content is king, well video is the king of them all What is the quickest way to establish trust and communicate with a visitor to your website?…

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