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7 Web Design Elements Every Website Should Have

If you want your site to look its very best, then you need to make sure it has these seven web design elements. Trust us, you'll be glad you…

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When a Long-Tail Keyword Is Too Long to Help Search Rankings

The short answer: it’s too long if it contains an irrelevant word. But the long answer stems from analyzing which words users search for and what type of…

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How a Marketing Audit Improves Conversion Rates & B2B Marketing

Marketing is a series of experiments. With each blog post, whitepaper, or campaign, you hope for good results. This means rising traffic, click-throughs, and conversions. But when your traffic is…

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Ways VP’s of Marketing Can Focus on Their B2B Marketing Plan

And Get Out of the Tactical Mud When we talk to VP’s of Marketing for B2B companies, we always hear a variation on a familiar refrain: &ldquo…

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5 Best Practices for Successful
B2B Marketing Strategies

Create a strategy that builds customer relationships Your B2B marketing strategy has many factors: Your industry Your brand Your buyer persona(s) And more... And because of this, no 2…

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5 Blogging Best Practices to Rank High in Search Engines

You won’t convert any visitors if they can’t find your blog in search results, so... Rank on the first page. You can be found on page 1, 10,…

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Blogging Best Practices: Calls to Action that Convert

You want more than high traffic on your website, you want conversions. Placing offers on your pages and posts helps you guide visitors through their buyer’s journey. …

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How to Step Up Your Propane Marketing Game with Business Flyers

Most people associate business flyers with a physical promotion. Business flyers are an artful design printed and handed out to random people on the streets or taped up around town. …

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Leads are for Closers

How Marketing & Sales Teams can Work Together to Close Leads

"These are the new leads. You don't get them. Leads are for closers." In the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, the leads are gold. They are qualified leads. The job…

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4 Marketing Activities to Outsource and Why

Marketing Teams Work Many Roles Strategic Thinker. Communicator. Writer. Website manager. SEO expert. Designer.

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